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Your Eyes and Sleeping while on Accutane



The next area I wanted to talk about is your eyes. For me this is one of worst side effects I had on Accutane. My eyes were really dry. Already, just without Accutane, they're super dry, so while stills on the drug, they were quite sore and quite painful. So, I did go to my optician, and they recommended some gel eye drops, which I put in every morning and every evening. I want to say that it helps, but, to be quite honest, they mildly help the symptoms for about an hour, and then my eyes were really dry again.

The best way I found to relieve this and have lasting effects was to get a hot compress. So, I'll get a muslin cloth, put it in really hot water, wring it out, and then light across my eyes for, probably, about 15 minutes on each. And then you wipe them away, and you your eyes are relieved from painful and dry irritated feeling for, probably, a good couple of hours, which was great.

Your Eyes and Sleeping while on Accutane

I also did this, when I started to feel a sight coming up. I've never had a sight before, but, apparently, they're like a real thing, people are getting them all the time, but I had to Google, what this was. It just felt like a spotlight to my eye. It wasn't as bad as what some people have described. I could really feel like a lump and just sobbed by my eyelash line, and it was really painful and took about a week to go away. But again, I felt like that really sped up once I started to use the hot compress. So, if you do, then get a thigh wars overacting, I'd really recommend doing that.


Finally, the last area I would like to point out is to get enough sleep, when you’re on Accutane, because you, basically, feel like an old lady, while being on this drug. Your bones are aching everywhere, you feel constantly tired and dehydrated. So, make sure you're looking after yourself and get a full 8 hours sleep a night. It is definitely recommended.

I would also suggest making time for you. On the drug you can feel quite low. It doesn't feel like a great time. So, make sure you're doing things that you know you're interested in and that you really enjoy doing, whether it be just sitting at home, watching a movie, or whether it's going out and seeing your friends. Make sure you do those things, because it’s really important.

My final tip is not to sit around googling about Accutane side effects all day every day. I, definitely, did that, and all it will do is making you super paranoid. It will make you feel like you're going to be depressed that your hair's going to fall out, that you're never going to get rid of your acne, that the liver’s going to fail, all these crazy side effects.

None of them happened to me. And I have to say that a lot of people, who's been on that drug, didn't experience those side effects either. They are rare cases, so, please, don't sit around and getting paranoid, googling for hours about different ways of ruining your life on Accutane. I would highly recommend not doing it.


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