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True Story: How I Got Prescribed Accutane (Part 2)


That was my first point with the dermatologist, and she wasn't agreeing I needed to go on Accutane at this point. So, I'll be honest, I was disappointed really, because I actually wanted to go on Accutane, so that during that time I could wean myself off the pill, and I just got going with it really, so that I wouldn't be stuck with hormonal acne, when I came off the pill.

But, anyway, I did what she said. I took the antibiotics. I took something like a zinc solution. I'm not exactly sure what it was. And I did this for six months and just went back to her to say that this wasn't working either. I was still continuously breaking out, and not severely like it was when I came off the pill. But it was enough that was really bothering my confidence.

I think this is really the key. If acne is something that just doesn't really bother you, then you have it, and you get on with it, and it just doesn't make any difference, when you’re self-esteem, which personally I find hard to believe anybody, who could just say that they don't care at all. But, obviously, there are people out there that can handle these things a lot better than others.

True Story: <a href='/how-to-take'>How</a> I Got Prescribed Accutane (Part 2)

I'd say I was one of those people that really did not take this too well. And, actually, I probably prevented my skin from getting better, simply because I was so upset about it all the time. So, anyway, I didn't realize that I was on the pill still, because the pills that I've been taking were actually from a prescription from the GP, not the dermatologist.

When she realized that my skin had cleared up through using the pill, she really wasn't happy about that either. She completely agreed with me that if there is a hormonal problem, then it's far better to come off the pill and deal with that separately rather than masking it, which was not the reaction I was expecting from her. I've really appreciated that, so she then decided to prescribe me the Accutane. So, I was super happy. You know, I've been thinking about this for, maybe, about two years by this point. And I was really ready to take the drug and just get over this whole acne experience once and for all.

Something that you have to do, before your dermatologist can prescribe you Accutane, is to make sure that you make it really clear that you've tried all other things, because at this point I tried multiple different antibiotics. I've been on the pill. I'd come off the pill. That didn't work. I talked about things like my scarring, because I wasn't able to really heal my scarring very quickly, if I was still actively breaking out. And most importantly, I talked about the actual repercussions of acne on my self-esteem, because it was taking over my life.

I think that it is really the key here. If your acne is bothering you so much, that it's stopping you from really enjoying the things that you love in life, then you need to let your dermatologist know, because it's so important that they understand, how much it means to you to get rid of your acne. And if we're are on Accutane, then it is the last resort, and so it isn't for everyone, I understand. But if it's something that you've had a long think about, and you're really ready to go on, then, definitely, explain this. It's should be a two-way conversation. I don't think it's bound to your dermatologist to completely decide in your behalf.

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