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True Story: How I Got Prescribed Accutane (Part 1)


In this article I will answer some questions about how I managed to get prescribed Accutane, as this is essentially quite a controversial drug, and it has actually been banned in some countries previously.

It's such a harsh drug that is really not something you can just go on lightly. You really need to do a kind research and have a good chat with your dermatologist before going on to it, because it really isn't for everyone. And it's considered to be the last resort for acne. And with that I'm going to get into my story about how I managed to get prescribed the drug. I will tell you about the experiences I went through before actually getting the prescription in my hand.

Acne Journey

 So, I've been going back and forward to my GP since I was probably about 14 or 15 to get prescribed different things to help me with my acne. And it was never that severe. I used to have a kind of an oily t-zone, like your many 13-14 year old teens have. And I'd get a few spots of breakouts, probably, on my forehead, and also on the sides of my chin, my nose and my cheeks. Nothing was bad there. So, when it got to the time I was 26, and I decided to come off the pill, because my GPA prescribing that, when I was 16, I decided to come off it finally. I didn't think it was really agreeing with my body, and I just wanted to make sure that I could have a normal cycle in normal period. I wanted just make sure that everything was working really.

But, fortunately, this did not go to plan. Actually, when I came off the pill, I broke out like crazy. So, I went straight back to my GP and explained that I didn't really want to be able to use pills anymore. I wondered what else I could do.

He essentially prescribed me some antibiotics and some topical benzyl peroxide. He said that he would refer me to a dermatologist, but at this point he really wanted to make sure that it wasn't something that could be healed. Through a little bit of time I was coming off the pill. And also when I was on the antibiotics, then nothing really changed. I didn't, actually, take the antibiotics, because I've taken them, when I was about 15, I knew they didn't work. And I was so convinced that this was hormonal, because, obviously, when stopping taking the pill a couple of months later, my skin going absolutely crazy.

There was just too much coincidence there. I really knew that my acne was hormonal anyway. I've done enough research on acne to know that.

True Story: How I Got Prescribed <a href='/buy-accutane-europe'>Accutane</a> (Part 1)

In my case we tried to heal it naturally, which did not work. I was doing all the wrong things, to be quite honest with you. But that's a story for another time. I started to go fat vegan for some at that time, which was an absolute disaster. It didn't work for my skin at all.

So, essentially, he referred me to a dermatologist, but he really wanted me to come back in a few months time, just to see if the antibiotics have worked as well. So, I went back in a few months, explained that I didn't really want to take them and that it wasn't making me very happy, when I had to be taking antibiotics. I didn't think of it as a permanent solution. And I didn't like the topical either.

So, when I first met the dermatologist, it was so long after I've been visiting the GP that my skin had actually started to heal up. I eventually decided to go back on the pill. Just to give myself a bit of a rest and then bite sometimes, I could work out a game plan on how to come off the pill successfully, to make sure that I've got a period back and to make sure that my skin would break out, like it had done the first time.

When I was meeting with the dermatologist, she wasn't very convinced that I needed taking the drug Accutane. She thought it was the scarring, and that was the real problem. I also agreed about the actual active spots, that I had at this point. There weren't too many of them. I'd managed to clear them up through the pill.

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