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Tips to Stay Clear After Accutane


Here are some of the tips that I've learnt when I stopped taking Accutane, about how to maintain clear and healthy skin. One of the tips is ruling out sugar. I truly believe that this is the key to clearing up your skin. If only I'd known this, when I had really bad cystic acne! Potentially, that could save me. But I, definitely, see an improvement, when I decide to rule out sugar and stabilize my blood sugar levels.

The 2nd tip is not being so harsh on your skin in terms of cleansers and chemicals and just lots of products that you stick in your skin and hope that it's going to roll out just a few spots. But what you're going to do is to irritate the skin and the parts of your face, which don't have any acne. If you're in the UK or somewhere cold, then your skin needs some TLC. It really doesn't need harsh chemicals thrown at it twice a day.

The 3rd tip is connected with your stress levels. Unfortunately, I haven't found the key to this one thing, where I really haven't learnt to be kind to myself when I have a stress. I'm, probably, the worst person for this. But I do see a correlation between when I'm really stressed and when I'm uptight about things. The next day or the next week will break out, and it will definitely look a lot worse, if I'm going through a period of anxiety or stress.

The way to deal with that is actually taking control and feeling like you're doing something about that. It's great to write a little journal. So, I've started making one of these, I write down all the things that are on my mind, like little to-do lists and things, to get my life together and feel organized. It is a good coping mechanism, if you are suffering with anxiety and stress.

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The next thing I'm going to say about is sleep. I'm the kind of people that need ten hours of sleep a night. I'm not joking. If I can have more than that, I'd be the happiest person alive. However, I would say, I get a good 6,5-7 hours sleep a night, which it will do. If you're the sort of person that needs 8-9 hours sleep a night like me, then you need to get that, because, honestly, if you're going to be sleep-deprived, then it's going to have such an effect on your skin. In this case you're not going to be functioning properly in the day. It will make you feel stressed, and it will not make you feel good. I think that if you're feeling good, and your body is nourished and well-kept, and you're looking after yourself, then your skin will repay you for that.

Finally, the biggest point about this all is your hormones. Unfortunately, in my opinion, hormones play a part in everyone's acne. Originally, I used to think that there was just nothing I could do about this. I couldn't control my hormones. They were always going to be out of whack. I was always having high androgens and was stuck on the pill forever.

I've done a ton of research into how I can manage these things. It comes down to stabilizing our blood sugar levels, eating the right kinds of food. That doesn’t make us break out, for example, high carbohydrate, high sugar foods. Some of the supplements that I've already tried didn't work for me. I did try a course of buy tax or chase berry, but I didn’t see benefits of that. I don't think I gave it long enough.

What I'm trying now is licorice root, which is an amazing herb for your skin. If you are suffering with hormonal acne, particularly around your jaw line, then this could be due to your antigen. I'm taking licorice root for my skin. I'm also drinking spearmint tea. So, I think that all these things have really started to kick in aside the help. I feel like it's potentially too soon to give you a real update about that.

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