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Sudocrem Helping you while on Accutane


However, that wasn't enough to completely get rid of the situation, so after I had done that the night before, I'd then wake up, and I made myself a solution of two things, which, in my opinion, helped me very much.

The first one was the Sudocrem, and then it's the care and protect. I had used this cream already, because I had tried it for acne, because I've read lots of reviews about the Sudocrem. I think it was the zinc inside it really helping acne. However, it didn't do anything for my acne, but, certainly, helped, when it came to dry skin.

In fact, the Sudocrem is intended for baby's delicate skin, as it says. It is really good and effective for sensitive skin on your face.

I also take one other product, which was this Argan Oil. I was thinking about how to use it and how much should I take. I worried about the size of the lid, about how much Sudocrem I should take into my hand and about sort of four or five drops of the Argan Oil. I worried about the right way of mixing them together on my hands and then I would apply then as a mask over my face.

I'd do this mask, when I woke up in the morning. And I would leave it on my face. I was doing it when it was a weekend, by the way. So, I'd leave it on there for about one to two hours, and you all will start to feel that absorb into your skin, but because there's an oil added to this Sudocrem then it starts to not really absorb into your face, but it does there a kind of softening the top layer of your skin, where all the dry flaky skin is.

Then I'm going to tell about the key ingredient to this skincare routine. And that is oats. They don't have to be anything fancy. These are like the tests you go like everyday value pack. Honestly, this way is the cheapest and most affordable, and I wish you can get it.  

I would just take a small amount into my hands, run them under warm water, and soften them up on my hands. And I'm going to use this much that you do an exfoliating of face wash. I would gently rub this into my skin.  I do this really very gently. I can say that once I've done that for a sort of one to two minutes, then I'll rinse it off with warm water and get straight into the shower.

Sudocrem Helping you while on <a href='/buy-accutane-pills'>Accutane

Once you're in the shower, your skin is really very soft by this point. And you can actually go in with a muslin cloth. I think these two dates, the muslin cloth and the oats, are the only kind of abrasive things that you should be rubbing into your skin. As I’ve said, the skin becomes super gentle and you could just rub away any of the dead skin cells. And wash your face probably about 5-10 minutes or so in the shower, it’s probably the last thing you would do.

When you've dried your face and you leave the shower, you can then apply own usual moisturizer. And this will actually now work, because when you just apply moisturizer on the top absorbs dead flakey skin cells, it is really not going to be doing very much for the skin below it. So, you need to gently remove these, that the skin care that you're putting on can actually work.

So, that's my little tip if you're struggling with dry flaky skin, while you are one the drug Accutane, because I know that it's really difficult, when you can't treat it. If you have sensitive skin, when you are taking Accutane, then you just can't go near them and these are the only two things that I found. They really work and you can actually get rid of dead skin cells.


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