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Skincare Routine after Accutane


It's worth mentioning that I've got a completely different skincare routine than I did before Accutane. Most importantly over the last year I've been using Isotretinoin. So, the first year after the Accutane course I just used a really simple skin care. It was, literally, just a cleanser and a moisturizer, but since April last year I have now been using tretinoin, which is a topical retinoid so much like Accutane. It helps to turn your skin over at a very fast pace. Basically, it's a topical Accutane, because it's called tretinoin, and a cute aims drug name is Isotretinoin, so essentially tretinoin is that you take orally. So, basically, they're both synthetic derivatives for vitamin A.

I don't know what my skin would have done this year, if I hadn't been using tretinoin. I'm not saying that that's a must, but if you are somebody, who has acne prone skin, you're breaking out from time to time.  It, probably, is worth thinking about your skincare and managing it that way. Far better to take preventative measures right. I also want to add that I started using tretinoin not because I thought that my skin was breaking out or that was like covered with acne or anything like that. It was purely because I wanted to use it for its anti-aging benefits. Also I find that if I do break out, my skin clears up so much quicker.

If I have to take it again, then I absolutely would. It was one of the best decisions I made for my skin. And I'm constantly saying that. I feel so happy with my skin and so grateful for the drug, and I have absolutely no regrets about going on it.

Skincare Routine after Accutane


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