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Skin Care Products while on Accutane: Sunscreen


As for sunscreen, then this is important to make sure that you're wearing sunscreen and reapplying it throughout the day, even during this time period, when we're indoors. Sun comes through the windows. It can aggravate your acne, believe it or not. And also to a certain extent some of the light is emitted onto our skin, and it can also aggravate certain skin conditions, including hyperpigmentation.

Skin Care Products while on <a href='/buy-accutane-pills'>Accutane:</a> Sunscreen

I recommend protecting your skin with a broad-spectrum sunscreen. That is a mineral sunscreen. It’s a nice thing about tinted mineral sunscreens. They really do a good job protecting you against visible light that can contribute to hyperpigmentation, which is important, as your acne is healing. You don't want it to heal with a dark mark.

 One that I always recommend to people in general is EltaMD UV physical SPF 41 lightly tinted. This is moisturizing, but it dries with a nice matte finish. So, it is a little greasy on the skin, but it's a nice balance between non dry and greasy, but also being moisturizing, what you really need, when you're going through Accutane. So, I love this one.

A more affordable alternative is the CeraVe hydrating sunscreen SPF 30 sheer tent.  Actually, this isn't that cheap. I love the way that this feels on the skin. It's super moisturizing, but it's not greasy, however, the tint on this does not work well for a lot of people. For me it’s a little orangey. It looks like I used the wrong sunless tanner or something. It's too orangey for my skin. A cruelty-free recommendation is to get this at Elta. And it's great if you have darker skin. You know, it doesn't give a greasy shiny look to the skin.

A lot of people don't want to tent. They're just following what the sunscreen is. So, that one is another good one to choose, because it's not really tinted, but you still get that good protection against visible light. A really cost effective sunscreen for your face is going to be the Coppertone pure & simple SPF 50. This one's great. It's only very sensitive skin friendly. It's moisturizing and a little shiny.

A tinted sunscreen that is really good is the Bioderma, but they are SPF 50. Now this isn't a mineral sunscreen as a chemical sunscreen, but it does a really good job protecting against UVA, those rays that penetrate deeply and damaged healing acne. So, it'll protect you against some pro-pigmenting wavelengths of visible light. So, I recommend this for those of you, who are outside of the US.


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