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Skin Care Products while on Accutane: Lips


As for your lips, then all of that I've just mention are wonderful for your lips. That is so important, when you're going through Accutane, your lips are really going to become dry and peeling. And, actually, just putting on lip balm one or two times a day is not enough. You want to put on a petroleum based ointment multiple times a day. As your lips are going to go through a lot of peeling and irritation, then avoid putting on anything on your lips that has flavor and if it labeled as “flavoring or essential oils fragrance”. This is common in a lot of popular lip balms and lip products. It can be very irritating.

I recommend just sticking to plain a hundred percent Vaseline petroleum jelly or some of other ointments that I mentioned here. Unfortunately, a challenge with these is that they're all in large packaging, and that's not so conducive, when you're on the go outside. You want to reduce the number of times that you're touching your face. So, you may take products from Aquaphor, because they have a stick form, and a stick is nice as you're not physically touching your face. That's really important for hand hygiene purposes, especially, in the current climate. All these that went down below are really good for the lips.

Skin Care Products while on <a href='/buy-accutane-europe'>Accutane:</a> Lips

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