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Skin Care Products while on Accutane: Hands care, Eyes care, Personal Lubricant


Hands care

I've told about moisturizing your face, your body greasing up your lips. Let's not forget our hands, though they are going to become very dry as well, especially, in the current situation, when we're putting a lot of emphasis on hand hygiene, which is really important for reducing the transmission of infectious diseases. As we wash our hands, we're stripping whatever residual oils there on our skin.

If you are taking Accutane, then this is going to be really tough on you, this period of time. So, make sure you moisturize your hands and put a moisturizer on after you wash your hands just to keep on top of that every time you wash your hands, so it's really important now.

Skin Care Products while on <a href='/buy-accutane-europe'>Accutane:</a> Hands care, Eyes care, Personal Lubricant

One that's great for all day use is the Neutrogena sensitive skin fragrance free cream. The reason I like this is that it doesn't leave a greasy residual on stuff. So, that's really nice.

Eyes care

The other thing that's going to get really dry is your eyes. And it's important to have some preservative free artificial tears. If you use eye drops more than four times a day make sure they're preservative free. The reason for that is that the preservatives and eye drops actually can be irritating to the eye, if they're used more frequently than 4-5 times a day. And when you're on Accutane, you're probably going to be using the eye drops a lot more than just four times a day.

Now, because there are no preservatives in these, I recommend you get the Refresh optive single-use artificial tears. I know, it's not the most environmentally friendly thing, but the reason is that you don't want bacterial contaminants getting in the eye-drops. It just reduces that risk. Also store them in the refrigerator.

Another brand of preservative free eye-drops is Systane ultra. I recommend those as well. But the recommendation to choose preservative free artificial tears goes for anyone. Even those of you, who aren't on Accutane, can use them

Personal Lubricant

Not only your lips are going to get dry, your eyes are going to get dry, but your genital mucosa is also going to get dry. And this can actually be very uncomfortable and something people don't bring up to their doctor or they just are embarrassed about it. But if you're a woman, you might experience some vaginal dryness. And if you are male, you might also experience some dryness around the anus. And this can be very uncomfortable just in terms of day-to-day walking, when you go to the bathroom, white and whatnot you might find that's uncomfortable. So, I recommend getting yourself a personal lubricant, in case you experience this, and it leads to discomfort for you.

Personally, I use the sex gel. Because of that I'm going to take this opportunity to remind you that if you're a woman, then you cannot get pregnant, Women cannot get pregnant while they are on this medication and in one month after stopping it because of the risk of birth defects and they are severe.


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