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Skin After Accutane


Now, after the Accutane for about three weeks, my skin has got a little bit oily. Now it wasn't oily for four months of the whole medication and whole journey. My skin dried out completely. So, when I would put foundation on, it would last all day. I have found myself to get a little bit oily. But I'm not panicking too much. My skin is super soft.

Skin After Accutane

I still have one appointment left with my dermatologist. And she's going to look over my skin. She's going to see what we need to do next to maintain my skin. I am coming off my implant. And I have decided to go on the pill.

As for my skin routine, I will share with you all the products I used. During my Accutane treatment and now I use the same thing. It's really simple. it's affordable as well. And she's actually recommended me these products. She doesn't think I should use the really high-end products. Actually, she said that they're worse off for my skin and I should use something more clinical.

When I got my last dosage of Accutane, she took the scan of my skin like she did at the beginning to see the bacteria levels, the UV levels, how many pimples are hiding on to me. There was a big difference. It was absolutely insane. The medication essentially kills the sebum and the oils internally. So, then they don't produce externally.

 I still have one last session with her, and I think on this session she'll tell me that I need to have monthly check-ins to maintain the situation. And I'm happy to do that, because, honestly, there were six months of this medication, and this journey was not easy.

It was exhausting. I was to remember to take the pills. And I know some people are like: “Oh, yeah, but that's easy, know you sometimes forget.” I didn't forget. I literally would wake up and take my pill, because I feel like: “I forgot to take my pill!” You can set reminders. I did that it clocked on to my noggin. I was crazy about thet.

You have to drink more water. So, if you're not someone, who drinks water, you're going to suffer. You're going to suffer big-time .So you've got to stay hydrated.

Another thing that I went into bear in mind is that you are going to be incredibly dry, so always moisturize. I would moisturize twice a day, one in the morning and one straight after my shower in the evening, because I tend to work out in the evening.

Another thing is hair masks. I would use a hair mask every single week of really good nourishing, one that helped a lot. The products I would use were very minimal. I didn't feel like there was any need to use serums, lotions of potions. In fact, my dermatologist said that I should use the most clinical clean simple products I could possibly find. She recommended me the products, which were affordable. I love them, I use them now. And I don't think I'd ever go back to anything else. And you don't always have to buy fancy products for them to work. Sometimes the most simple and basic products work the best.

I like to use some mister lemon water just to take off any excess makeup that you have. And then I use zero effect cream. I love this, so I use this all over my face.

I use ultra hydrating cream, the most buzias product I have. This cream saved me. I think this is the most hydrating, like watery type of cream. It is so hydrating.

As for my nighttime routine, I've just popped the duo set cream all over my face and it's the morning. Now for my daytime routine I will use the duo set cream again. I use this day and night. Then I will pop on this SPF I use SPF 30 every single day. I don't care if it's raining. I don't care of it snowing. I use SPF every single day of my life, every single day it is a must.

That is all I would wear on my face. And then for my lips I use Elizabeth Arden's eight hour cream .It saved my entire soul. It is literally so quick and then I just like it. I would put that on day and I I would, definitely, put it at night, just because I would just like to sink into your soul. And I loved it so much. So, I still use this. I use my go-to lip balm. I use that in the morning, while I’m applying my makeup. And then it sets really nice, and I put my lip liner on. And then I put that at night. And then, during the day, I use just a Carmex lip balm, which I love, for the feeling of calm, as I always have.

Then, for my body I would use a shower lotion to moisturize my skin. This stuff will make any dry human being absolutely saucy, like it is so look at that. It makes your skin so glossy. So, it's really like moisturizing. It is, probably, the product that literally saved my entire body and soul during this whole journey. And I would strongly recommend you buy a hundred tubs of this.

I didn't use anything else for my hair. I would use a lot of coconut oils that really helped. And then, some heavy duty hair mask I would differ from them all. I use my coconut oil. It tends to work for me really well. It doesn't work the best for everyone else, but for me it does.

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