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My number one tip is that it is necessary to reduce stress. This is such a huge one for me. I've had the most stressful a few weeks in my life. You know how it goes, when things all change, what at once you have to quickly adapt. It can be quite stressful. So, I understand that you can't eliminate these stress factors, but there are, certainly, ways you can deal with them. Probably, better than I have been that can reduce problems with your gut health, because they do say that your gut is linked to your mind.

So, the first thing I would say is, actually, dealing with stress. Stress management is going to be hugely important. And the best tips that I have found recently for helping this is one morning meditation. I've strictly been practicing it. So, I get up in the morning, I brush my teeth, wash my face. Then I come back into bed, and I sit upright, and sit at the corner. There are a lot of different meditations for different ways that will help you feel better. Medication can be a good stress management. So, I would highly suggest listening to that meditation, if you are interested in it. But then I go on to do other things throughout the day. One is noting, and noting is something that I didn't really realize how much it could help.

Noting involves becoming really present in the moment and to not be thinking about things that are coming up, or thinking about things that have happened in the past. I know that this is so difficult, which is why noting really helps. To give you an example of what noticing is right now, if I was sitting here noting and trying to lower my stress levels, I would just be here sitting, thinking: “The temperature of the room feels really nice. The trees outside are drifting in the wind. There is a really nice smell of breakfast. I can smell my coffee. My hair feels really soft.” You know, you think about the things that are happening in the moment right there, and then it distracts you from having your thoughts, just go crazy and start over thinking. By the way, my hair does not feel soft, it feels horrible, and I, probably, should go and wash it.

My next tip, and this one is huge, because it's really important for your gut micro-biome, is to actually eat a wide variety of foods. If you're intolerant or you're allergic to something, then this, probably, doesn't count specifically for you, so, please, don't eat those foods for obvious reasons.

I think, for someone like me, who had restricted my food in the past, like I've ruled out whole food groups for long periods of time, because of my skin. And there's been no evidence that they even helped my acne, but it does mean hairy my face. If you're ruling out huge food groups, then you're not extracting the nutrients, and the good bacteria from those foods for quite a while.

You want to be able to build up your gut, so that you're not just eating the same few foods over and over again, because you're really not making the most of what's on offer in terms of restoring your gut health and making you the healthiest version of yourself. I can't lie. I do have the same breakfast every single day. So, that is something I need to switch up. But if you can, I would definitely incorporate as many really healthy foods into your diet, because you'll, definitely, thank for this.

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My next tip is to keep a journal. I keep an acne Journal. and within that there is a food diary. So, I actually track what I'm eating. and I don't do this religiously anymore, because I've really found my triggers. But since my gut has not been feeling great, I've really gone back to having a look of what those key things might be that could be causing flare-ups of IBS symptoms or of my acid reflux. And, honestly, I think that this has been super helpful to really getting an understanding of maybe some food combinations that, actually, flare things up. And you don't have to make this a huge part of your day. It could just take five minutes before you go to bed, to fill in your journal and to have a think about some foods that you may have eaten recently that you wouldn't eat normally.

You know, I would really like to know, if you somebody, who's also been on Accutane, has suffered with any gut health issues. This is such a huge topic. I don't want to scare anyone off from taking the drug, because they might be linked, because there is no evidence to say that my gut health issues are the result of taking rocky tang. Especially, as I said, I've been on the pill, and I've taken antibiotics, but there's also a lot of evidence to suggest that people do suffer with gut health issues after they've taken the drug.

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