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Source of Fats

The ninth thing I wish I knew before I started taking Accutane is not to take your tablet with the same source of fat every single time. I started doing this in the beginning. I started to take my tablet with peanut butter every single time. So that your body can absorb it, then you need to take your tablet with a source of fat. However, if you just choose one source of fats, like peanut butter, as I explained, then you will soon absolutely hate it.

It got to a point, and I didn't even want to look at peanut butter after the first month. I was just like: “Oh no! I can't do it again, I don't really want it.” And I love peanut butter. So, I would say, if you're going to be doing this, I really recommend that you don't just take it with, you know, that peanut butter. You just choose your fattiest meal of the day and take it with that.

I really recommend looking at your whole diet and increasing the healthy fats within it for the time you are on Accutane. So, you're constantly absorbing that drug rather than just having one meal or one snack that's high in fact, I would say it makes it much easier, when you know that you're incorporating more fat, generally, in your diet, so that you can absorb the drug.

Feeling Lonely

Finally, the last thing I wish I knew before I started is that sometimes it can feel quite lonely, when you are being on the drug. I think, unless you know and your close family friends know that you're taking it, lots of people won't expect you to be on that drug, mainly because they probably haven't heard of it.

If you've got clear skin there's just no reason to even know about your taking Accutane. So, I did feel sometimes like women lips are super dry or I had really flaky skin, or a bit like I was becoming bright red. And there are horrible side effects that were going on.

You feel like you are isolated. And that is what you can't really explain yourself, like when I was at work and whilst was on the course. I was an art director, doing the photo shoots, and I felt very lonely and isolated because that red and this flaky skin I had. My lips aren't usually like this, you know. You just don’t feel very self-conscious all the time.

I think that can make you feel a bit lonely sometimes, but I would say that's really not something you should focus on. There're so many people, who are all going through this at this time. And you know that you can come online, you can comment on YouTube videos and speak to people about their experiences about taking Accutane.

So many other people are renowned at the same time as you. I know I got so much help from just going online and looking at Katy Snoops. I was doing her course of her Accutane therapy at the same time. And there're plenty of other people, who have done it previously. And I was watching their diaries. There's so much comfort in knowing that other people have gone through this and come out the other end.

There is a community of people that are willing to give you tips and help and not to feel so lonely, because it is only temporary. And, at the end, it is totally worth it, when you have lovely smooth clear skin.

So, there we go, these are the ten things I wish I knew before I start taking Accutane, the things that I really wish someone had told me. I really hope you found them helpful.


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