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One More Time About Dry Skin


I think this is going to be the one that everybody is going to suffer from, when you are on Accutane. No matter who you are, you're going to get dry skin. And when I'm saying dry skin, I'm not talking about being a little bit dry, I'm talking about scaly, like it is the worst dryness you've ever felt. And, particularly, if you're someone like me, and you were suffering from oily skin before being on the drug, then it is like a transformation.

One More Time About Dry Skin

I had never ever thought about dry skin in my life, until I went on Accutane, and all of a sudden. You have to do your skin care regime. So, instead of using really light gels and moisturizers that are somewhat that hydrate your skin. You need to throw those out, because you're going to need something super moisturizing.

Good advice is to use unscented products, because they don't irritate your skin, when you are on this drug. With Accutane you're trying to clear your acne, so you don't want to do anything that's going to irritate it. I use brands like Cetaphil. I use the Cetaphil day cream. I think that it's a super thick solution. I did try the lotion, but I found that to be ineffective.

 The face brush that I was using, when I went on Accutane, was just a super gentle one by Cetaphil. And, in fact, I used gentle skin cleanser for dry sensitive skin. I was actually using this before I went on Accutane, and I still use it today, because I think it's perfect. It does exactly the right job. It doesn't irritate the skin and cleanses your face.

 There were times on the drug, where my skin was super scaly. And it was almost embarrassing to go out. So, I came up with a game plan for that. And what I did was being at home for three or four hours just layering a moisturizer, until it's really soaked in, not just your average bit of moisturizer, but literally almost like a face mask. Then what I would do is going to the shower with a muslin cloth, and I would gently buff away any of the dry scaly skin. And when I came out, I would then apply the moisturizer again, and if I did that on a Sunday, my skin would be okay, when I woke up the Monday after. So, I'd really recommend doing that, if you are feeling like what was my skin, looking like “I can't go out, I literally look like a reptile.”

The moisturizer that I used, when I was on Accutane, was the Avene hydrants optimal rich hydrating cream, which is amazing. I put this on as a night cream now, not a day cream. But, when being on Accutane, I used this at all times. And it was super smooth. And it really worked. This is the only one that I found and that didn't give me any red irritated skin.

And for my body, I'd recommend just something really cheap that does the job like this one, which is the Neutrogena Norwegian formula for deep dry skin. So, it's a deep moisture lotion, which was great. So, it really did the trick.


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