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More Survive-on-Accutane Instructions


I'm moving on to the last three the lowest priority list.

More Survive-on-Accutane Instructions

Now the first one is kind of going along with that last one your eyeball is your eyes get very sensitive so get yourself some sunglasses. This is really helpful for when you end up being outside for a long time that you didn't expect - remember things happen in life and you can't always expect it but you can be prepared for them. What I would have is I'd be in college or son like that and then I, you know, class would get delayed or something and now I'm outside for 45 minutes. You'd be surprised about how that like your eyes get meaning. Sun just is like the brightest thing ever. You're like a vampire when you're on Accutane. Your skin burns, your eyes are really sensitive, so if you have sunglasses going to make your life a lot easier if you do have to stay outside and have a conversation with somebody, otherwise you're going to be like this, and your eyes going to start tearing up and it's just uncomfortable.

Second up is do not lean on your face, you know, when you're in class and you're leaning against your hand or whatever it is or you lean against something, that's hard, hard surface, whatever it is. Don't lean against your hand because your skin again is compromised, it's lower quality and it is going to be easier to rub off your skin. I know this sounds a little ridiculous, but I had times where I'd be leaning on my face, while editing or doing homework and then my face would start kind of stinging a little bit and I'd go to the mirror and I'd have a big pink streak on my face and that's just because over time you're grinding against your face and actually sloughing off, which is the phrase sloughing off skin cells. And because they are weaker and compromised its easier slough off more. Usually you can get away with that not a big deal we have a lot of dead skin on our face, but when you're on Accutane, the turnover rate is huge and you're able to really leave marks, so, try to remember that.

All right last tip on the low priority list and this is going to go along with that final big tip that's coming up in a second the biggest one this last tip is keep a bag of almonds nuts, cashews, whatever in your backpack in your car, everywhere again, everywhere that you are going to be. Because you never know when you are going to need some extra fats and that's important when you take your pill.

All right, now you made it to the end of the video. This is the number one most important tip of Accutane. This is something, that I didn't do in the beginning and took me so much longer if I would have known this it would have saved me at least 30-40 percent of the time that was on Accutane. Are you ready for this?

Make sure that when you take your Accutane pills, your Isotretinoin - make sure you are taking it with fats. The reason why is because isotretinoin is a derivative of vitamin A. Vitamin A is a fat soluble vitamin, meaning that you need to be in taking fats for your body to receive and actually absorb the medicine, so if you're eating, it with no fats or no food at all you're not going to be absorbing very much of it at all and you're going to be wondering why it's not working. This was me. I wasn't eating a lot of fats. Now how much fats that's kind of up to you it depends on how many calories you eat and whatnot. When I was doing it I was making sure that I was saving almost all of my fats for the day for when I was having these pills so once in the morning once at night. So during breakfast I would have like a couple pieces of toast just slathered in peanut butter, so I'd be getting 32-45 grams of fat at night, I would make sure that I was eating something with olive oil or I was eating something where I had a fat based sauce or, again, some nuts or peanut butter or something like that, but imagine you're out in the middle of nowhere, you know, and you need to take your pill, because it's time, but you're at your friend's house or something like that, you don't have food readily available. You have that bag of nuts, you pull it out, you slam a ton of nuts. Make sure you get however many you have 25 to 40 grams, whatever grams of fat and you know that you are going to absorb it a lot better. That is so important and, again, it's something that for me I screwed up and it took a while and we were wondering why the Accutane wasn't absorbing and it was exactly that tip.

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