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Living on Accutane - Some Additional Tips and Tricks


The next thing that I wish I knew before starting taking Accutane is that I should probably start a little saving pot, because I stopped doing quite a few things, as I was on Accutane.

I stopped having a good morning coffee every day, because I felt this really hydrated dried me out. And I would just rather have something like a cup of tea. I wish I put that money aside and seen how much money I'd saved.

I also wasn't drinking for the whole course as well. So, I'm sure I would have saved quite a bit of money from that too. And I wasn't out saving this money. I always wish I put it in a pot, and then I could reward myself with something at the end. So, I would really recommend doing that, because I think that it's a great way to encourage yourself, to get through reacting and treat yourself to something nice at the end of it.

Stop Taking

Number seven is stop taking the drug. This is something I didn't know before I started taking Accutane and I wish I did, because I used to get really anxious about stopping the drug for a day or two. My symptoms were so bad. So, sometimes I felt like I'd lost my appetite, I thought that it was quite strange, and the doctor didn't really get back to me in time, so I stopped taking the drug for, maybe, one or two days, just to get my appetite back and to start feeling better.

Living on Accutane - Some Additional Tips and Tricks

I also stopped the drug, when I started to get really bad eczema on my face, and it felt like I was constantly flushing. I just think my skin needed a bit of a break. And it felt a very intense course. But at the time I wasn't really sure if you're allowed to stop taking the drug, and if that would have any long-term effects on the course of Accutane.

I really would recommend doing that if you're suffering with side effects, which are really bad. I would just say that it’s useful to stop taking the drug for a day or two. I really didn't miss anything wrong with that. It doesn't prevent your skin from getting better in the long term. So, I absolutely wish I knew that before I started the therapy.


Number eight might be a little bit controversial. I'm sure there's going to be tons of people that disagree with me here. But, I actually prefer having oily skin to dry sensitive skin. And I can't believe I'm saying this, because in my entire teenage early twenties I was obsessed with trying to reduce the oil in my skin. I was constantly blotting, constantly applying powder. So, I cannot believe I'm saying this. But in all honesty, I much rather have oily skin, where I can blot and I can apply powder regularly, and it doesn't hurt, than having really dry painful sore red sensitive skin. And that's just purely, because it's so dry that you have dry flakes, all across your skin, and it just hurts.

I'd say I'd rather have skin that I can treat, and it doesn't hurt, than dry red skin, because you constantly have to exfoliate. Actually, I used to think: oh god, if I had dry skin I'd be able to put on makeup and it would last all day, it would be perfect. But everybody wasn't the case. In fact, it just meant that when I was applying foundation, it just picked up the dry areas, like so much more. It became so much more permanent, and I hated that. I'd rather have oily skin, so that I could cover it up with power.

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