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The next thing that I had to do was to think about contraception. So, you know, if you're a guy, then this really isn't for you, but in terms of ladies up there, you're going to be asked about contraception. And, particularly in the UK, you need to be on two forms of contraception, before they will actually prescribe you the drugs.

There were two contraceptives that I used. One again was the pill, and I was still on that. However, I was weaning off of it. So, I didn't really talk to my dermatologist much about this, but because I was taking the pill, she noted that down, as a form of contraception. And gradually I weaned myself off the pill.

So, the pill is number one. The second form of contraception that I decided to go with was the copper IUD. This has no hormone, so that's exactly what I wanted, and that's still what I have today. It is really a good way to use contraception safely for making sure that you're not putting artificial hormones in your body, which are never great for acne, even if they are good, while you're on them. Once you stop, just aggravate the situation like the pill did for me so.

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If you're wondering what contraception you can use, without actually having to take the pill or patch, or whatever it is, that's involving fake hormones, then look into the copper IUD. I would really recommend it.

Once I've had that put in, then I had to wait an entire month to go for a pregnancy test and have a negative pregnancy test, that I can see my dermatologist and get the ball rolling. So, once that happened, I was then able to get my first prescription, which is at a low dose of 25 milligrams for a month. So, after that first month, that's when I got to go for my first blood test, just to make sure that the drug wasn't doing anything crazy to my liver, and I went on the 25 milligrams for the first month and 50 milligrams thereafter. My total course length was 6 months, and they did this based on my weights, which some of you may know and some of you may not.

When you get prescribed Accutane, they make an accumulative doses based on how much you weigh. At the time I weighed about 52 kilograms, so, I guess, they measure one milligram per 1 kilogram of weight essentially.

So, I hope that I answered anybody's questions about how I managed to get prescribed the drug Accutane. I realized that it's a completely different situation in lots of different countries. Even just with different GPs and doctors, it can be vastly different. So, I just sharing with you of how I went about it, what worked for me and how I got prescribed Accutane.


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