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Burning Skin and Problems with Eyelashes on Accutane


Burning Skin

Number four is burning skin. I thought that this was just a case of that Accutane burn from being outside, being in the sun too much, when, obviously, your skin reacting it. But no, I had this in London, in the winter: my skin was bright red. Honestly, it didn't look so bad, when I was just face to face with people, but sometimes, when I looked back at photos of myself, I was just completely confused about how I could have been that red.

And it was actually quite painful. It does feel like a burn as well. So, it's felt like flushing. I know lots of people, who would describe it as flushing. And I felt like I was burning up the skin and I was bright red. I wouldn't say this happened all the time, but it happens enough that it was definitely a side effect. I was suffering with throughout the course. And it really started to come about what my dosage was up from 25 milligrams to 50 milligrams after the first month. You should definitely bear it in mind, and you should know that it does go away, when the drug is out of your system.


Number five is eyelashes. This is something I didn't actually think about, when I was filming my ultimate guide to surviving on Accutane, but your eyelashes become really brittle. And I thought about this today, when I put my makeup on, I thought I need to add that in, because for a time, when I was on Accutane, I would put mascara on my eyes just about so brittle, and the eyelashes would fall out all the time.

This really worried me, because I thought that this isn't a permanent side effect, because I know that my eyelashes take forever to grow back. So, luckily, after a few months I did start to put coconut oil on them every night. And they have got back to where they were before I started taking Accutane.

I'm really grateful for that, but I would bear that in mind in order you to know, that not only does the hair on your head become brittle, but also your eyelashes do, too. So, keep in mind that you should, probably, moisturize the coconut oil, or any kind of that. I know that you can buy some sort of serums for your eyelashes. Probably, it is a really good idea to do this, because mine did fall out and they work very brittle.

Burning Skin and Problems with Eyelashes on Accutane


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