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Be Wise on Accutane - What to do?


Keeping Fit

One way of keeping fit if you’re on Accutane is swimming. Although, I'd, probably, avoid going to smooth balls, because, obviously, the chlorine there is going to really dry you out. And I wouldn't recommend that for any part of you, whether it is your skin, your nails, your hair, so yet avoiding kind of chlorinated pools is definitely something to do.

However, if you're lucky enough to live by the sea, or you swim somewhere, where there isn't chlorine, that I really recommend, then that's a great way to keep fit, while being on this drug.

Sensitive Skin

It is most likely to get really sensitive skin, when you’re on Accutane. On ways that I found to deal with this, then it is mostly to avoid wearing makeup. I know, that's going to be really tough, if you've just gone on the drug, and you don't feel like you have any confidence leaving the house without it. But I would really recommend it, if you can avoid wearing make-up.

Most of the time putting on a layer of foundation is only going to irritate your skin even more. And, actually, the process of applying foundation can be quite irritating. I know, usually you'd put makeup on with a brush, and it would be fine. But, when you're on the drug, it really does feel quite sore and painful, and your skin gets super irritated just by putting a brush in your skin.

To deal with this problem, when I did need to wear makeup, I was had a Beauty Blender or a sponge to apply my foundation, so that I wasn't a kind of aggravating my skin even more by using a brush and buffering away the skin. So, when having sensitive skin, you also really need to bathe your face, because even the slightest scratch would cause it to bleed. I know that it sounds crazy, but your skin is really raised with wash, when you’re on Accutane. So, make sure that you're looking after your skin essentially.

My next point on sensitive skin and being on Accutane is that your skin is super sensitive to sunlight. Make sure that you've got a high SPF, one at all times. It’s really essential, especially, if you live somewhere, where it’s hot. I live in London, so I didn't have to think about this too much. But I have to admit that your skin does feel really soft. So, I could not imagine going out on the Sun with my skin like that.


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