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Accutane Survival Instructions


Isotretinoin, Accutane or Zenatane whatever you want to call it there's a bunch of different names for it we've all heard of it. Accutane and that's what you're here for right. These are the must know top ten tips before you get on a keychain that you absolutely need to abide by and are going to make your life a lot a lot easier.

Alright so as you just saw, I've had really severe acne at one point I jumped on Accutane and it was a really long course. I think it was up to 70 weeks or so. And there's a lot of stuff that I wish I would have known before I had started. Now we're going to go through all top ten, but I'm going to break it down to three categories: top three tips, medium tips and the lowest priority tips. And then at the very end make sure you stick around, because that is the number one tip, that everybody should know, who's going to be a taking Accutane.

Okay so starting off with tip number one this is absolutely imperative is go buy a big deluxe package of Chapstick. Find the Chapstick that works best for you. Lip balm, Chapstick, whatever it is that you want to use. I know a lot of people use doctor Dan's lip balm. I believe but you want to get a bunch of them don't just get one and think you're just going to have in your pocket all the time because there will be a point where you forget to bring it. Have one in your right pocket, one in your left pocket, have one in your car, have one in your room, have one in your lower part of your house. I've one in your back I've one of your gym bag have one your back pack have one everywhere because if you find yourself for more than an hour two without Chapstick you will feel the pain.

Number two is almost the same thing but with moisturizer. Don't just get yourself one gigantic moisturizer and think that that's going to be fine. Get a bunch of little ones and have them everywhere. Have one again and your bathroom and your car and your gym bag, everywhere. Because you are again going to find times where your skin literally starts feeling like it like it's gotten sunburned in your having salt blown into your face. It stings really bad when your face gets really dry it will crack and it will bleed.

Now number three this is one that maybe people want you to be stoked to hear about but water is important because this stuff dries you out big time. For me I needed personally a bow drinking about a gallon and a half water I need about two and a half gallons of water, so it increased my needs by about a gallon. You're going to be dehydrated don't deny it. Drink water, don't drink Coca-Cola, don't drink juice and all these other things you can still drink whatever you want with those things but make sure you are also getting a lot of water. It's going to make you feel a lot better and the symptoms a lot less bad.

Accutane Survival Instructions

Okay those were the top three, now we're going to get into the medium three and these are still very important so we're going to just jump into number one and that is - make sure you have a sunblock that you love, you trust and you have whenever you're going out or and or wear clothing that covers you up whether that be hoodies or that be long sleeves or whatever it is because you will not believe how easily you get sunburned. Accutane makes your scent skin very sensitive and it makes it very easy to get sunburned. If I was out in the Sun for about five minutes in direct sunlight it would literally start hurting like I had been in this at the beach for two hours with baby oil all over my body. You will burn really quickly and there's stories where people have, you know, gone tanning out in the in the beach for about twenty minutes, forty minutes and they have blisters all over them. Your skins be sensitive, make sure you have a sunblock.

Okay, now the second one that is in the medium tips. I was actually struggling with maybe putting it in the high priority list because this is very important. Do not pop your pimples, your cysts. Do not go forcing things to come out of your face when you aren't Accutane. This is something a lot of people don't know but Accutane actually changes the chemistry of your skin and while you are on it, while it is hitting you strong and hard - your skin is not only sensitive but also weak. It's in a weaker state and it's not as moist so when you go and your blastocysts like you usually have in the past, then, you know, back the day you just get a bigger cyst and then maybe something a little bit of scarring. It increases the chance of you having scars big-time, so if you're digging deep in there, you can bet that you're probably going to see that once your skin's actually cleared up in a year from now you're going to be like “there's that whole from that one time when I just went crazy on it”, so be nice to your skin you're trying to help your skin. So, don't force it to do anything you got to be patient Accutane isn’t going to work.

Now last on this medium priority list. This is one that I again wish I would have known before I'd gotten on Accutane and it's actually something I never really did until the later part of my Accutane course is your eyes are going to be very dry and sensitive. And whatnot but they're going to be dry to the point that your eyes going to get red and itchy. It's going to feel like you know you didn't sleep enough kind of thing so get yourself some eyedrops. Now the type that you get is important - don't get like regular brand I think Visine or whatever because that is a completely different thing that actually shrinks the veins in your eye and that's how it gets your eye white we're not trying to get red eyes gone or anything. All we're trying to do is hydrate your eye so get teardrop eyedrops or water-based lubricant eyedrops. Not the medicine the water you're just trying to get liquid back in your eye. Have that around when your eyes are getting dry and itchy boom-boom. You're going to feel a thousand times better.

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