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Accutane Pill Size - It can be a PROBLEM


Hi, guys. My name is Sarah. I’m talking about my acne journey and how I’ve managed to get my skin up. I will tell you what I am doing every day to maintain clear skin.

Accutane Pill Size - It can be a PROBLEM

So, one of the things that hold responsible for giving me clear skin, is the drug Accutane. I know that lots of people are going on to this and want to find out a bit more information, before they take this drug. I know I did a ton of research, before I started it.

I know that there's quite a lot of scare about coming off the drug after you finished and there is the fear of it coming back. Today I wanted to list 10 random things that, in my opinion, everyone should know about before they start taking Accutane. But they're probably not things that you've heard of before and so I've made a good list here.

Pill Size

Number one is the pill size. So, by that I mean that I had a really big problem at soldering tablets. The size of the tablets is pretty big. And I found this a huge problem. I got my prescription, went to the pharmacist, picked it up and, actually, could not swallow the tablets. So, my thing I would recommend to anyone, who can take tablets, is to ask their doctor to prescribe them in smaller doses.

So, for example, I was on 50 milligrams a day. I really couldn't swallow a 40-milligram and a 10-milligram tablet. I couldn’t even swallow a 20 milligram tablet, to be quite honest with you. So, then I asked the doctor to prescribe me 10-milligram capsules of Accutane. Each day I was taking five tablets that were much smaller, than the regular Accutane size, because they were just too much for me to swallow, and I absolutely hated taking them.


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