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Accutane: Dehydration, Alcohol and Caffeine



So, the second area I wanted to discuss is dehydration. When you are on Accutane, you are constantly thirsty, so you need to carry around water wherever you go. I've been mistaken a few times when going into meetings without that water, and, honestly, not being able to concentrate because of being so thirsty. Having a bottle of water 20 or all times is 100% essential you that need to do.

The second thing I'd say for dehydration is not taking super hot baths. I'm not a huge fan of doing that. I found that whenever I did that, my skin wouldn't be as dehydrated, and I wouldn't feel so dehydrated, because if you're putting yourself through any kind of hot intense heat, then you will come out feeling very lightheaded. And that was ten times worse, when I was on Accutane. I also decided every now and then to take rehydration salts, so I them used them, when I was hangover, to be honest with you. But they are, actually, really helpful, if you're on Accutane. I used to take them usually in the morning, if I woke up and felt that I had to drink enough water the day before, and I could really feel it. That would sort me out for the day. I would also look at pink Himalayan salt, which has lots of good minerals and ways to rehydrate you. I would usually do this with my evening meal, and that would rehydrate me for the evening.


The two things that you shouldn’t do are not to keep yourself hydrated and not to drink alcohol. I know that they say this to you, when you go on the drug, but I really want to reiterate that, because I did make the mistake of having just one glass. I think it was one glass of champagne, and it was at Christmas. And I think I had a glass of gin tonic on my birthday.

Accutane: Dehydration and Alcohol

This might sound crazy, but just having that one drink completely made me dehydrated and made me feel very sick. It gave me a headache, which I know sounds crazy, but it's true. If you are going to go down the route of drinking, then make sure that it is just the one drink, and it is like an occasion, where you feel like you can't miss out. There's really no need to be drinking, when you're on this drug. You will not benefit from it at all.


I also avoid drinking caffeine, when I was on Accutane. I know that this is going to be hard for most of you, who are coffee and tea lovers. But I found that I was having a cup of coffee every single day before I went on Accutane. I decided to rule that out, just because I know, how dehydrated that can make me during the day, anyway. And I didn't want to run the risk of, actually, feeling even worse, particularly, being at work or just being out, and I just ruled that out.


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