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Skincare Routine after Accutane

It's worth mentioning that I've got a completely different skincare routine than I did before Accutane. Most importantly over the last year I've been using Isotretinoin

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Years after Accutane

I’m talking about my acne journey, because my skin used to be covered with cystic acne so much, so that I did a course of Accutane a few years ago. In fact, it's been exactly two years to this day, that I finished taking Accutane.

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Your Eyes and Sleeping while on Accutane

The next area I wanted to talk about is your eyes. For me this is one of worst side effects I had on Accutane. My eyes were really dry. Already, just without Accutane, they're super dry, so while stills on the drug, they were quite sore and quite painful. So, I did go to my optician, and they recommended some gel eye drops, which I put in every morning and every evening.

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You Hair while on Accutane

One of the great benefits of being on Accutane is that you don't need to wash your hair often. Honestly, I went a week and I washed my hair after the week. I could even have left it longer.

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Be Wise on Accutane - What to do?

One way of keeping fit if you’re on Accutane is swimming. Although, I'd, probably, avoid going to smooth balls, because, obviously, the chlorine there is going to really dry you out

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Bone Ache

When I got up about this before I went on the drug, I really didn't believe some of the stories. I thought, honestly, that I'm young, I'm in my twenties, I'll be absolutely fine. How wrong I was!

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Diet on Accutane

The next area I wanted to talk about is diet. When you're on the drug, and you really want to make sure you're absorbing the drug as best as possible, because you really don't want to have to do this a second time, so, the best way to do this is by taking your pill with a source of fat.

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The fourth area I wanted to talk about is nosebleeds. Unfortunately, this is a side-effect that I had quite a few times.

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