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Acne Story Accutane and Veganism (Part 2)

My anxiety at one point was just getting so bad. I felt hopeless. I know, if any of have experienced having really bad acne, it just becomes your life. You just feel crippled because of it. I know it sounds very dramatic, but I just couldn't feel happiness

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Acne Story Accutane and Veganism (Part 1)

Today I’m going to tell you about what I've learned in my decades of acne prone skin. I've never really shared my acne story. So, this text will be exactly that. It's going to be a full rundown of my acne, my acne scarring and everything in between. So, I can explain exactly what's worked and how I'm, finally, having clear skin.

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How to deal with Little Bumps after Accutane

As many people know, I was having a course of Accutane and finished it about two years ago. So, I’m talking about my experience. Today I wanted to talk about something related to Accutane. It's a question that I get from many people.

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Skin Care Products while on Accutane: Hands care, Eyes care, Personal Lubricant

I've told about moisturizing your face, your body greasing up your lips. Let's not forget our hands, though they are going to become very dry as well, especially, in the current situation, when we're putting a lot of emphasis on hand hygiene, which is really important for reducing the transmission of infectious diseases

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Skin Care Products while on Accutane: Sunscreen

As for sunscreen, then this is important to make sure that you're wearing sunscreen and reapplying it throughout the day, even during this time period, when we're indoors. Sun comes through the windows.

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Skin Care Products while on Accutane: Lips

As for your lips, then all of that I've just mention are wonderful for your lips. That is so important, when you're going through Accutane, your lips are really going to become dry and peeling.

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Skin Care Products while on Accutane: Skin Dryness

This is a text about my skincare and recommendations to those, who are on the drug Accutane, which is also known as isotretinoin. Many people have asked me for my skincare product recommendations.

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Accutane can DESTROY your Life!

Hello. I'm just going to run through the story of my experience with the drug Accutane. I’ll tell you about how the drug destroyed my life. It's a long 12-year story.

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